NPI is focused on production of chemical compounds using a wide range of technologies, such as: methods of organic, inorganic, organometallic synthesis; operations with inert gas atmosphere; synthesis at low and high temperatures; reactions in liquid ammonia and organic solvents; using tribochemistry (ball and planetary mills); reactions under increased and decreased pressure.

Esteemed scientific consensus group from universities of Nizhny Novgorod and practical experience in industrial chemistry in Dzerzhinsk city allow us to use the potential of our region. Our advantage is that we can build up the full production chain from scientific research and laboratory samples to the production of semi-industrial series of chemical products. Joint activities with Dzerzhinsk chemical equipment manufacturers give us vast opportunities to manufacture out-of-series equipment for our projects in a short time.

Our specialists are qualified to work with hazardous, flammable and explosive compounds; with high purity (from 6N) substances, as well as to purify compounds to high-purity degrees. For these purposes we use our own solutions in the field of rectification (high and low temperature, usual and reduced pressure), sublimation purification, fractional distillation, fractional crystallization.

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