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As part of increasing scientific and industrial activity, the "NPI" company is engaged in the construction of a laboratory-industrial complex of high-purity chemical compounds.

At the moment we implement the construction of the first building which takes 3000 m2. It is supposed to contain synthetic and R&D laboratories, five production blocks, consumer premises and separate warehousing complex. At this step we are already able to provide the complete technological cycle from the development of new materials to their industrial production.

What is more, the territory of the project can accommodate up to 15.000m2 of similar laboratory and production space.

The complex will be located in Nizhny Novgorod, the city is admitted to be the capital of the chemical industry of Russia. The complex occupies the industrial zone on the outskirts of the city which makes it possible to attract employees from the best chemical scientific institutions.

The best research institutes and high schools in the field of chemistry, which are affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences, are concentrated in the city. Cooperating with them gives us access to the use of core research infrastructure centers, first of all analytical centers.

The company is a resident of “Skolkovo” Innovation Fund, which allows to receive significant government support, including tax preferences.

There is a large amount of design organizations and manufacturers of unique chemical equipment which are concentrated in the region. This issue allows to create technological production lines with minimal financial and time expenses.

The presence of a strong chemical school in the region makes it possible to select employees with international-level qualifications at a wage rate significantly lower than in other countries. The complex will provide jobs for 300 chemical engineers.

Comparatively low costs of infrastructure setup, availability of world-class technologies and highly qualified specialists, cheap energy resources and raw material base, as well as the tax-free status of the company - all these points extremely effect the cost of end products. Due these reasons the commercial offer is getting more competitive, the production - highly profitable, and the project itself is becoming attractive for investment.

For now we are looking for a strategic investor among large consumers and manufacturers of semiconductor materials, who have access to the market and are able to guarantee a stable sales of their products.

Prime costs     
Construction of permanent facilities including external systems  m2   1000-1500$  
Average cost of technological equipment for laboratories  m2   1000-1500$  
Average cost of commercial manufacturing  m2   1000-1500$  
Chemists-engineer wages   monthly  1000-3000$  
Income tax  %   0  
Employee income tax  %   14  

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